Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Todd's Socks Are Finished

Ta-Daaa! This was fun knitting. There's a short top and not a lot of foot; so they went super fast. They have been washed and air dried making them really soft. Todd will like them; I hope they fit! I will be delivering them this evening. We are going to watch Kayla play Wee Ball (please, she will be 6 yrs old soon) and Matthew plays his game after that. That's probably 3 good hours of grandkid ball games in our evenings of 90+ heat and humidity. It's so hot here and not Summer yet....

I haven't started another knitting project. Crystal Palace is sending some Panda Silk undyed (I think) for a lady's sock design. I have one in mind - something open and airy for Summer; I am thinking a nice drop stitch pattern.

Realtors' Tour thru our house is tomorrow. I am trying not to make myself crazy about it. I am packing - I usually hate packing but this time it isn't so bad. I am supposed to be in my yarn "studio" making neat and boxing up things. House is coming along very well now; contractor says it should be ready in 8 - 10 weeks. They are working inside so there will be no rain delays until they have to pour the driveway......

Monday, June 11, 2007

Todd's Sock

Todd's Sock

Todd is my SIL and he is allergic to cold. No kidding. I had never heard of it either. He breaks out in large red welts that itch really, really bad. It makes riding a Harley in the Winter a bit tricky. He has been wanting a pair of knitted socks and he has been really patient. I kept thinking his wife would knit him a pair.........

The yarn is Limbo Mexico from Schoeller Stahl (100% schurwolle superwash) color 2582. I am using an Addi 12" circular #1 (2.5mm) This is a heavy sock yarn; I am getting 8 sts to the inch. It makes a very heavy stiff fabric; so I am thinking he won't wear these out any time soon. I am planning to wash them a couple of times so they will be soft before I give them to him.

This first pic is of the yarn and his 2nd sock on the 12" circ. With 72 sts, I have no problem knitting around on this little needle. In fact, it goes very quickly.

Second sock on circular up close.

First Sock completed (needs to be blocked) :o)
Cool colors, I think, kinda looks Harleyish. I think he will like them. (maybe some fingerless gloves to match in the Fall?)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Beaded Eyelet Trouser Sock Finished

Panda Silk by Crystal Palace

This is such a gorgeous yarn! I decided to knit a simple eyelet pattern with a minimum of beads imagining a dress sock worn with mules.

I really can't get a good pic to do it justice. I truly enjoyed knitting this sock; there's just enough pattern to keep it interesting. The yarn is one that feels so fabulous that you want to stash lots of it away for later.