Monday, July 28, 2008

The Galvez Sock Pattern

Finally! I have completed the Galvez Sock. I love this sock! Here are a couple of pictures. You can go to Ravelry and get the details OR you can -

Joe and I are leaving this afternoon ( in about 2 hrs) for Hilton Head Island. I am excited about doing a "road trip". Joe's a little excited..... I told him I would help drive. I have lots of fun knitting packed. No design projects anywhere in the car.

A closer look at the stitch detail. It is Seafoam Stitch.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Adding to My Stash

I have been spending my knitting time working on a sock designed especially for the 12" circ. You can use stitch patterns that are easier to keep track of on a circ as opposed to dps. It is pretty much worked out as I am knitting a sock from the pattern and I am very pleased with the way it looks! it is called Galvez. I really want to knit something else now. You know, something really easy :O). There won't be any pictures of the sock posted here until the pattern is posted on Ravelry.

After going to Spring Beads in Old Town Spring (which is a GREAT bead shop, BTW, Barbara (barbiegirl) and I casually stopped in at Twisted Yarns. You can't just drive by your LYS without stopping; every knitter knows that. I didn't need yarn but I have been casually stashing some Manos that I
LOVE; not sure what I wanted to knit with it. Anyway, we are looking at sock yarns and there is a cute little shawl hanging there knit out of sock yarn. Barbara comments on how great it would look with jeans. Sooooo, she bought the book, Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle, and sent it home with me.

We needed 3 skeins of Silk Garden sock yarn to make the Litla Dimun Shawl
. The Silk Garden sock yarn came in and we went to pick up ours. My choice of Silk Garden sock yarn is pictured below. It is softer than the Noro sock yarn that we have all been knitting with.

While at Twisted Yarns, we cruised on over to the Noro area. Shelly had knitted the Circle Vest in Silk Knits (I have that book and have been wanting to knit the Circle Vest). It looks gorgeous! I shouldn't have tried it on; it is so cute on! She had knit it in Noro Taiyo - a cotton blend Noro yarn pictured below. So, naturally, I left with some of that too, along with a Manos pattern booklet.

This is Blue Heron's beaded rayon. I am taking this on our trip to knit while riding. It's a shawl, can't remember the name of the pattern (I am going to borrow Barbara's book), and I am hoping to bead some fringe. I am wondering if these beads are too big for fringe?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Knitting to Classic Favorites

When home alone, I have classical music on. I especially like to knit to classical music. As I sat and knit this morning, I had this image, in vivid color, of Bugs Bunny being chased by Elmer Fudd going full speed in my head. I have known for some time that most of the older cartoons, the ones I loved to watch, were set to classical music. It played in the background going unnoticed for the most part except in the subconscious mind. The cartoon creators of those days, to their credit and genius, gave children their/our first taste of classical music. I am truly forever grateful to them!

When slightly or greatly distressed, I always go to classical music. It creates a tranquility and clarity of mind that I can't find anywhere else. Along with that clarity, are images of Bugs and Daffy which make me smile.

My "talk and knit" completed projects are pictured below. IGK - instant gratification knitting in sock yarn, from top clockwise - Online Savanne, Online Lime Green, and Socks That Rock which photos a lot prettier than it actually is IMHO (from last year). I use leftover sock yarns to knit ornament covers.

I am working on a sock design in 3 different yarns. I want to see which yarn displays the design at its best. It is a design with lots of yarn overs which is perfect for the 12" Addi. I dropped a stitch this morning and had to tink back 3 rows before I could get the stitches back to what they were supposed to be. I am also knitting garter in the round making them extremely tedious if not damned near impossible to pick up. No pics of the design tho!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What HAVE I been doing?

After being asked “what have you been doing” by several friends, I stopped to think about that! I must say, we have had guests for 6 weekends in a row including a week-long visit from Alexis; which Joe and I thoroughly enjoyed. Whew! It has been fast and furious with some serious rest days in between. I finish this by saying Kim and Pam with husband and children in tow are coming
for a long 4th of July weekend of fun for everyone!

Knitting? I have been knitting absolutely enjoyable, yet mindless Christmas ornament covers, my Sideways Cardigan from Vogue, the sock I always have OTN or working on a sock design in progress. I must say, the ornament covers have dominated the serious days of rest! On the end table next to me, I placed a large glass jar to put the ornaments in because I LOVE looking at them even when I am not knitting. There are now 11 of them with # 12 joining them in the jar waiting for her cover.

Viewed from the top looking down into the jar -

Side view from my vantage point – ahh - IGK
(instant gratification knitting)

More IGK - my current sock OTN or more precise - OTC (on the circ)

The sock design is completed and I am test knitting the pattern. I went to Twisted Yarns yesterday looking for THE perfect yarn for this design. I wanted it to be the colors of the ocean; blues, greens and a sandy brown AND a very light weight yarn. I chose a beautiful sock yarn, Anne, from Schaeffer Yarn.

Close up of ribbing only to tantalize

The 12” Addi Sock Pattern is completed and will be uploaded to Ravelry ASAP along with the baby sock in sock yarn pattern. Those did take me awhile…….

Last, but certainly the most interesting, I give you the view of the very early morning guests/herd in my back yard when I opened the blinds -

There were 15 wild hogs grazing on Joe's grass! I knew they were around but had never seen them in MY yard. Joe said they needed to get out of the yard. Maybe so, but who's going to make them? Not me! What next? I am watching for the coyotes - I know they are out here too! Luckily, they don't eat grass.