Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Project!

I know, I am supposed to be knitting Ryan's socks; it' a big sock and I need a project that's just "knitting" for when I get tired of knitting on a sock. I know you know what I mean. I started this project for tomorrow - Thursday - Market Street DayKnitters knitting. Our knit group is growing and there is usually a lot of conversation going on. (I think a couple of ladies are there JUST for the conversation as opposed to some of us who are there to knit together). I needed something simple to knit with a luscious yarn. I dug in my stash and VIOLA! Manos Silk Blend; and several skeins of it!
I loved this yarn when I saw it; loved everything about it - the color, the feel - it's very soft and it really has no twist. I have been wanting to knit this up for a while. Seems now is the time.
Up Close - great colors! (I think Berroco has a sock yarn Metallic that is just about these same colors. I think I see matching socks in my future)
Just starting - OTN
I am going to knit this pattern. It's a Manos pattern book and I like the look of Newport.
I will be blogging about this for the next couple of weeks. P.S. Loretta we are missing you! Hope you are home soon and back to knitting with us.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Projects OTN

My son-in-law Ryan requested a pair of socks for his birthday. At the time, he knew they would be a bit late as I had project deadlines looming. Ryan didn't mind; it's not like he's going to be wearing them anytime soon as we are in the Dog Days of Summer. Now, I have one OTN and I am enjoying knitting them Thursdays at Market Street DayKnitters. I really do enjoy knitting for someone specific at times; especially if they are excited to be getting something knitted. So, below are a few pictures of Ryan's sock. It's not quite a "neverending sock like Joe's is; but I am glad to be knitting it on the small circular so I can pick up some speed on the foot now. The yarn is Lana Grossa. (no matter how hard I try, I even have each project in a separate basket, I still misplace yarn labels - I am sure I will find it on my knitting table somewhere)
Close up of the cuff - of 2 X 2 Ribbing
Yarn and Beginning on the Small Circ
Close Up of the Heel
Another -
There we go - all 9" of ribbing
Next -
This is the short row shawl I have been working on while I was a bit "under the weather". It was relaxing to knit something I really didn't have to think about AND was turning out gorgeous! I have thoroughly gotten into this shawl adding an ample hood onto it. Now, I am working to make a hood in a non-traditional way. In other words, I don't want to just sew a seam across the top of my head front to back! It's been a labor of love with no anxieties since it's for me! I have written everything down as I am sure I will want to do this again. It will have beading around the face of the hood. The next one will have some yarn over details and beading between the short row designs.
Close Up of the Colorway
I have been knitting this while it is literally "hot as Hell" here in Houston. I daydream about how much I am going to enjoy wearing this when Fall finally does arrive. Even though I love Summer, I was daydreaming about fireplace weather just yesterday. (I know I am going to knit matching handwarmers to go with this)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders

I have received official notification from Storey Publishing that two of my original designs are going to be included in the newest One-Skein Wonders book! These books have not only been favorites of mine, but also favorites for everyone that I know! This has absolutely made my day! I had submitted two designs hoping that one of them would make it into the book. I was most surprised to receive word that both made it! So, when the book debuts; get your copy and look for Ruby Begonia and Calypso! (happy dancing and singing with squeals in the background)