Thursday, October 25, 2007

Knitting on the 12" Addi Turbo

This is my handwarmer/gauntlet in progress on a 12" Addi Turbo. The yarn is Trekking XXL #108 sock weight yarn (because knitting minds want to know).

A different angle - showing one needle extended from the knitting - the knitting really moves quickly along the needles. You will have to help the sts along for about the first inch after that they are fine.

This is a Crystal Palace #1 bamboo 6" double point with a #0 Addi Turbo 12" next to it so you can see the needle length. The Addi does have a curve in it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unpacking Yarn Room Today

This is going to be my yarn room. Looks pretty sad right now. It has great windows with morning light! By this evening, I am hoping for a cozy retreat.

Below are the boxes, in the dining room, with everything that will go in the yarn room. When the yarn room is unpacked; the dining room will be minus the boxes. That will be a very good thing.

Yesterday was an adventure for us. When you don't live in the city limits; you have to go to the county seat in your county for vehicle registrations and such. (there is one 6 miles from us but it's not in our county) We did drivers license yesterday. That was a 70 mile round trip for us twice! Joe didn't have his SS card and I had to have my birth certificate. We got back home about 5:30pm. Joe got a bit frustrated; so I had to remind him WHO wanted to live in the country.....

This is the sight in front of our house that greeted the garbage truck when they turned the corner. I am certain THEY will be glad when we are unpacked. Otherwise, it was a beautiful, cool, foggy morning.

For my friends in Lake Charles, a new photo of Jayden; our newest/youngest grandchild. You may remember his pre-birth pictures I posted. Kim and Pam, with Alexis, Kayla and Jayden came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. Blogger wasn't uploading photos then. She had him sitting on my coffee table in his Bumbo watching cartoons with Alexis and Kayla. I knitted Jayden several pairs of socks which he promptly outgrew! He looks a bit like all of us - Pam, Kim and I; but most definitely his Dad. He is particularly fond of his Poppy Joe.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Here We Are..

Finally, Blogger is uploading photos again!

Here is the house. As you can see, Joe has a lot of yard work to do! He has been cutting and splitting some trees for firewood. He has almost 2 cords of wood already!

I am spray painting bamboo patio furniture on the driveway this morning making an end table and a sofa very colorful. Mexican Cantina is the theme complete with the usual Christmas lights you see in some restaurants.

More pictures will be coming now that Blogger is hopefully back to normal.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Back to Posting -

We have been working the last three weeks trying to get settled in enough to resume our lives! (I have tried several times today to post a picture of our house but Blogger isn't cooperating for me or anyone else it seems) I have taken lots of pictures over the last two and a half months! Last Friday evening Kim and Pam with the kids (Alexis, Kayla and Jayden) came for the weekend. Saturday mid-morning I began to look for a striped bib I had knit for Jayden. As I searched through the house for the very large red plaid plastic bag of knitting stuff (lots of needles, favorite yarns, books, patterns not to mention my knitting journal with original patterns) I had taken with me to the hotel to keep me sane. I realized, most surely, I had left it at the hotel two weeks ago! How could that possibly have happened? I freaked out while I tried to find the business card for the hotel. We didn't have a land line yet as we live in a new subdivision out in the country; not in a city or town. BellSouth and Embarq are trying to decide who is going to provide service (that's another story). I am outside calling the hotel on my cell with very spotty service (again, we live out in the country) The lady at the front desk calmly says she can't hear me and asks me to call on another phone and promptly hangs up! Finally, by facing a certain direction, I get better reception and call again. YES, they had my bag and I could pick it up anytime. She asks incredulously what do you do with all that stuff in the bag? I knit I said. "Would you knit a baby blanket for me" she asks..... Melt down. Yesterday, I typed in my address as I registered with an online yarn source thinking I might order some sock yarn; it promptly told me that I had entered an invalid address! They say it takes a year for a new address in a new subdivision out in the country to get into the system. I surely hope UPS can find me!