Friday, September 21, 2007

Home at Last

It's 9PM We are back after dinner and a run thru the local grocery store. After a long day it's blackberry merlot from a red Dixie cup. My PJs are calling me.

We're Moved In

It's 6:45PM The movers have gone and the little painter is just now leaving. Joe and I are exhausted, hungry and happy. We are going to dinner and make a stop to get a couple of towels so we can take baths and some breakfast stuff. We are looking forward to coming back and relaxing. A day or so of rest then back to LC to get all our household stuff. Probably take 2 trips.

Joe's on the Way

It's 2:45PM Made friends with the painter doing touchup work. He is Hispanic and had brought a jam box but turned it off when we came in. I asked him to turn it back on! It's Hispanic music -very happy and enjoyable! Music helps me pass the time too. He does't speak English but he's smiling and very nice! Joe called and furniture should be here any minute now. All the Hispanic music makes reminds me It IS Friday. Margaritas!

Waiting on furniture

We got the keys! Joe left to go meet the movers. Tug and I are sitting on the dining room floor eating vanilla wafers. There wasn't very many. I gave most of them to him as he was too nervous to eat his breakfast this morning. The painter is here doing some last minute touchup painting. It's nice and cool; would be quiet if Tugley wasn't panting nervously. I did bring some knitting to pass the time until Joe arrives with the movers. I have a plain sock on a 12" circ in Jitterbug. I love the colors. The movers just called wanting to know if the other 2 guys were there yet. I gave them Joe' cell #.They are early - that is good! I am going to walk Tug and get my knit.

Moving Day!

Today is moving day! Come Hell or Hurricane... It is 9:35AM - we have the Highlander loaded with almost everything from our motel room. Tugley is in the front floorboard at my feet and most he loves to ride in the car. (His Little Chubbiness is determined to sit on my feet) I stuck my Mother's Day orchid in a little cubby hole in the back floorboard. It is blooming for the second time. It is important to have something blooming at home. It has 2 pretty flowers. Having made a Starbucks stop, we are now on our way to the house. It takes about an hour to get there from here. Joe has gotten to be quite the city driver! Jeff from Design Tech is meeting us at 11AM. We are to do another walk thru and get the keys. Joe is meeting AAA Movers at Uncle Bob's Storage and they are moving the furniture this afternoon. I hope to sleep in my bed tonight! I plan to continue to post thru the day today - for friends at home. I have been taking lots of pictures. We bought a tech gizmo thing from Sprint for Internet Service (to try) as our only svc now is Bellsouth. Stay tuned -

Monday, September 17, 2007

Walk Thru in the Morning 9AM

I feel like we are living the movie Groundhog Day! We are gonna make 7 wks in this hotel on Friday. Thankfully, there will be a walk thru in the morning with closing scheduled for Friday. We should begin moving in Saturday - Friday afternoon if possible. Wanting crawfish, we went to dinner last evening at Pappadeaux's on 1960. After eating way too much, we decided to order dessert to go. I wanted cheesecake and Joe wanted banana pudding. No problem with the cheesecake but they were all out of banana pudding. Out of banana pudding on Sunday? The waitress said yes, George Foreman's family had been in and they ate it all! They served them 20+ banana puddings. We just missed seeing all the "Georges". (He named all his kids George, in case you don't know).Joe brought home sweet potato pecan pie. Joe is knitting/designing the cutest hat with cables. I finished upsizing the sock pattern for CPY. I need my computer to finish it now. Jeez! Have I mentioned that this hotel doesn't carry the Astro's games on their TV line up?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 More Days!

Hopefully. We should do a walk through Monday and sign on the dotted line on Friday. Yippee! I finally figured out how to do mobile blogging. For some reason my posts wouldn't publish - today it did. I can't post pics so we'll catch up on those later. It's a good thing I brought substantial stash. It has been a looong time in a hotel room! You definitely find out if you really like your spouse. I am ready to give Tugley to the first band of gypsies that pass by. He is taking advantage of the walking the dog thing... We have been knitting - sent Jayden 14 bibs. Joe knitted 8 and he was most creative! I knitted 6 and pretty much worked to perfect a pattern I created.Joe is now knitting hats for the grandsons. He hates the Denice needles I brought, so he wants to go to Twisted Yarns tomorrow to get bamboo needles and dps - he is becoming such a knitting Diva! (Joe says he's not a Diva; he's a Deebeaux). His knitting has improved considerably and so has his dialogue. I am working to upsize a lady's sock pattern for Crystal Palace. It is an original design.Glad I have something to work on. Susan from CPY kindly offered to send anything we need. The very FIRST thing I want is my computer plugged in to a live satellite plug...