Tuesday, February 19, 2008

First Noro Sock

I have completed the first Noro sock. The colors are pretty fantastic and they are photoing pretty true to color today in the sunlight. As you can see, the toe still needs to be kitchenered. Isn't that an incredible color at the toe? This is the mock cable pattern that I mentioned in a previous post. I like it; it's fun to knit and it does knit up quickly. You can see how I continued a cable down the side of the heel flap. There is some of the "thick and thin" business going on - the same as in the Silk Garden I am knitting entrelac. It doesn't really affect the look of the sock in any way that I can see.

This is just a different view of the leg of the sock to be able to see the colors.

This is about the best full shot that I could get. I am anxious to wash and block them when the second sock is completed. I know they soften some but I want to see for myself.

Close up of heel flap detail. More pictures will follow of the two socks washed and blocked.

Okay, on to the second sock. (I have been cheating on this sock and knitting another pair of socks from Trekking XXL for Todd. No pictures of that sock will be posted here as Todd sometimes checks out MIL's blog. You will be able to see them soon on Ravelry at Dhaymark.

I have a few things in queue to knit. When I do that, I find that I struggle to enjoy the knitting I am working on because I am so anxious to get to the next project. Since I really have no time constraints, I am trying not to do that to myself. Weirdness.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Noro

I have been working on the Noro sock along with a couple other knitting projects. The colors changing are absolutely addictive! I am pleased with this picture. Although the colors are not absolutely true; they are well represented. The stickiness of the yarn that I mentioned previously actually has a plus. It keeps dropped stitches from running! They pretty much stay right where they are!

I have turned the sock onto it's side to try and photograph the little mock cable going down the sides of the heel flap. This adds just a bit of detail if you wear shoes that have no back as many of us do these days. You can see it fairly well from this view. The cables are going to continue down the top of the foot to the toes. In this photo, the colors look washed out. In reality, they are rich, jeweled tones.

Along with this sock, I have been working on an entrelac project. Once you get your head into the pattern, it is a fun knit. That project is also in Noro yarn - Silk Garden.

I have started SIL, Todd's, socks; twice actually. The first sock yarn just didn't look like Todd. So, I chose another yarn and started again. I think he will like this yarn better. His bday is mid-March so I have awhile but wanted to get started and have it finished in time to put it into the mail, if necessary. I don't usually have this many projects going at one time! It makes it seem like you never get anything completed.

We are watching the weather closely this afternoon. Our area has a potential for a severe weather outbreak late this evening. The weather channel has put a meteorologist in College Station; sorta half way between here and Dallas, I guess. I am wondering where Jim Cantori is! He is always in the middle of the worst weather! We have put the car in the garage and secured everything on the front and back porches. It is getting pretty windy outside! I am going to go watch the Weather Channel and knit on a sock; Joe is watching golf.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Noro Socks Started

Finally, I am starting socks with the Noro Kureyon sock yarn. I have really been looking forward to this because the colors are so much fun to work with. This is colorway #S185. I noticed immediately that this yarn feels stiff and almost sticky with NO stretch at all; it sticks to itself almost like spider webbing. I know this must be a sizing on the yarn. Once you begin to knit and it passes through your hands; it softens. It knits like a dream with color transitions that are spectacular and completely addictive; I don't want to put it down. That's why we love Noro yarns. In total honesty, the yarns themselves are only so- so. We all have favorite yarns that are better quality but they can't compete with the Noro colors. Noro is just kinda scratchy. I will let you know how it feels after washing as I will wash it ASAP.

I have rolled the Noro into a ball and it has looked fabulous sitting about waiting to be knit.

I had a hard time deciding what pattern to use for my socks. I knew that a pattern, for me, would get lost in the colors; but I didn't want to just knit 2 X 2 ribbing and go into a sock foot. I searched through my stitch books looking for something fairly simple since I had knit group coming up Saturday (yesterday). I found the mock cable and thought it looked nice having a bit of vertical interest and a nifty little stitch maneuver to keep boredom from setting in.

I had no idea how fast this would knit up! I am amazed! I had the ribbing completed and started the mock cable stitch pattern Saturday morning before leaving for Sit and Knit at Panera's. As you can see, it has progressed quickly with 6 inches of cuff before starting the heel flap. I have several pictures here - sadly, the colors are not quite true. The top of this sock is deep purple, going into a lavender, then an army green, paler green, and into a burgundy brown beginning to show on the heel flap. As I watched this sock grow, I really liked the way the stitch pattern looked. So, I went and got my notebook to take notes as I knit. This sock began with a CO of 72 stitches because of the lack of stretch in the yarn. I am getting 9 sts to an inch on 2.5mm needles.

I am really enjoying knitting with this yarn. I think it would make great handwarmers, hats, scarves, and baby things.

I have elected to work the heel flap over 40 stitches (that's 4 more sts than I would normally use meaning almost half an inch larger) so I could keep the mock cable running down each side of the heel flap. Once I get the heel completed and try it on, I will decide if it is too large) I have done this before on a previous design and like the way it looks. You can kind of see the mock cable here at the edge of the heel flap.

This pattern will be written up using a CO of 64 (72, 84, 96). Not all the heel flaps will incorporate the mock cable down the sides of the heel flap.

Shhhhh..... My SIL, Todd, has a birthday coming up in about a month. I was told he wants another pair of handknit socks. If I thought he would like these colors, I would give him these. Kim picked out some sock yarn for him when they were here. They are definitely more sedate.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Lakeview Handwarmers (Kim's) are Finished

Kim's handwarmers are finished! I would have had them done sooner if I could have skipped the dizzy head bug! Every time I tried to focus on my knitting; my head would really take a whirl! I am so glad that is gone! Okay, the yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, size #1 US needles and a simple pattern that was created as I knit. I did the crocheted beaded edging! Crochet is at it's best for this kind of stuff!

A picture of them both together. Kim, I will mail them Monday. I want to take them to my knit group on Saturday to show them.

Now, I can play with the Noro sock yarn! I knew if I started with that I would be forever finishing these! Pictures will soon follow. I think I am going to use a knot stitch pattern.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday and Knitting

I am all ready for the Super Bowl; we are having a small gathering. I love the whole Super Bowl thing - football, food and friends; AND the commercials. Everything is ready and waiting for friends to arrive. I baked a cheesecake; my favorite dessert! Soooo, I have a minute to blog! The camo sock has been frogged and a baby hat is on the circ. See below. Bad picture, I know, but you get the idea. I love the colors in this yarn (Colinette Jitterbug) but it knits up like camo. Perfect for a little boy whose Daddy loves to hunt (with a bow and arrow, I know, unbelievable). Great for knitting today because I don't have to think about. Karlene is bringing her knitting. She is a new knitter and I will be helping her.

Kim's handwarmers are almost completed. I have to do both thumbs; but they don't take very long. Below shows a beaded, crocheted edge on the first handwarmer. On the second handwarmer, I am trying a beaded, knitted edge. We shall see which one Kim likes best. She may not want either one. That's okay, too since they're for her!

Same handwarmer - just a different shot hoping to give a better look at the edging. May use a different bead on the second handwarmer for a different look altogether.

HI Carole! Thanks for the comment. Sure do miss ya'll!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I've Had a Bug

I have had the weirdest bug; it has made me dizzy - really dizzy. I thought I had vertigo but a girlfriend said her husband had the same thing and she knew others who had it too! I never thought about it being a bug cause it's a strange one. No other symptoms unless you want to count the nausea from the room whirling...

I am still working on Kim' s handwarmers. The first one was going to be loose on her hand. So, I knitted the second one making some adjustments so it would be a bit smaller. This is it below. Then, I frogged the first one down to the ribbing and put it back on the circular. I have started knitting it again to be the same as the second one. She said I could put just a few beads along the cuff. I haven't got to those yet. Every time I tried to focus to knit; I would get dizzy. I know, it has been very aggravating.

Night before last we came home about 8pm. (Joe was dragging me around Houston while I was feeling sooo dizzy) As we turned the corner, there were 6 deer in our front yard eating the rye grass that he planted! They bounded across the street into the woods. The back of our house is all windows so we can see out into the yard. We haven't been seeing the deer because they have been in the front yard!