Friday, October 29, 2010

Sock Yarn One - Skein Wonders

Here it is! The One - Skein Wonders new book! I received my Designer's copy in the mail last Thursday. Yippee!
I was blessed to have two patterns chosen to be included in this book. Two patterns were submitted hoping that maybe one of them would be chosen.
Ruby Begonia was designed several years ago while sitting with a group of dear friends and knitters in Lake Charles, LA. It was our weekly knit group meeting at Joe Muggs. Joe, my husband, had recently gifted me with a gorgeous pair of purple glitter sunglasses. (I know, they are fabulous) I was afraid of getting them scratched in my handbag so Ruby Begonia was created to protect those much-loved sunglasses. (Ruby Begonia was a character in my favorite after school program as a child)
I had just finished Calypso when I received the invitation to submit a design. I loved the sock yarn and the stitch pattern; decided it needed some beads to go with the sparkle of the yarn. Of course. Shoulder shrugs are the greatest little wrap ever. (Calypso was a tropical beauty in the last Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow movie)
I am certain you will love this book; especially if you love sock yarn as I do. There are many beautiful patterns to knit which means, of course, you will need MORE sock yarn.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dog Sweaters

My Christmas gift from Joe last year was Bella. Bella is the cutest Boston Terrier you will ever see. Her marking are perfect and she is about as big as a minute; weighing in at just 10lbs. Bella has a super disposition and loves everyone; especially children. Now that she is full grown, I want her to be dressed for the season - every season. This past October, I kept going to PetsMart wanting to buy some cute "clothes" for her. I didn't find anything like what I had in mind. The lightbulb came on! I knit! Now, I have become slightly obsessed about knitting for her. It's almost instant gratification! Such a small sweater takes so little time. In a couple of evenings, she is sporting a new outfit. Okay, I CAN follow a pattern (when I want to). I have 5 dog sweater books. None of them had many, if one , pattern knit in the round. COME ON, why not? I want a great fitting sweater, knit in the round with minimal finishing. It can't be that hard! Seems I had challenged myself. First I began with a better fit. After knitting a couple of basic sweaters and trying them on Bella, I watched her wearing it; looking at the fit and deciding where I thought it could be imporved. Joe and I have had several discussions about fit and how to get the garment to do what I want it to do or not do. After several attempts, I have a basic, in the round, sweater pattern that fits well and knits up quickly. The two areas that I have addressed are (1) fitting better in the chest area and (2) leg openings that allow maximum movement for a very active Boston Terrier. I think she needs a couple of sweater per holiday. It will be fun to create looks for each specific celebration. This sweater is going to be called Candy Cane. It's really cute on her. Not quite finished, it will have some type of embellishment around the neck.