Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swatching Sausalito

It's a fabulous Sunday afternoon and I had planned to be outside potting geraniums today while Joe planted onions in the garden.  I  just wanted to putter around on the back porch and in the sunshine taking in some vitamin D; looking to see what has survived our exceptionally cold winter.  Plans have changed!  The wind is blowing so hard (literally gusting around 30 mph) that neither one of us want to go out now.  Someone must have left the door open to Oklahoma!

It's a great time to work on a sock design for Susan at Crystal Place Yarns. She sent two different colorways of their new Sausalito a few weeks ago.  I have been working on other designs while thinking about what to do with the Sausalito. I had placed it where I could see it while I knitted.  I knew I wanted to try a smocked stitch for the sock design but hadn't even swatched with the yarn yet.  So, I wasn't sure it would look right with the yarn.

Late yesterday I began working with the lighter colorway.  To be honest, it didn't look like much in the ball - pretty; but just kinda okay - sorta ho-hum.

I started swatching with Sausalito and fell in love with it.  It is so soft and silky with the colors transitioning so smoothly.  Silky yarns gets me every time.  I should have known; it's Crystal Place Yarn.  I already know that I want to knit a wrap/shawl with this very yarn!


I am not able to capture the exact colors today as it is now overcast, but the representation is close.  You can see how nicely Sausalito is working up.

 Based on what I am seeing as I knit, I think a nice picot edging at the top with about a half inch of ribbing and then the smocked stitch pattern would look very nice.  Maybe add beading at the top in the picot edge..... 

So, this is what's going into my workbasket based on the swatching of Sausalito colorway #8117.  Swatched piece gets frogged for a new beginning.  Looks like it's gonna be fun and pretty.

My constant and always entertaining knitting companion, Bella.  She is on the pillow ONLY because she can't get into my lap.  I know, it's my fault.  I held her constantly while she was a puppy knowing she wouldn't be little for very long.  I enjoyed every minute of it too.