Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Memories of Tugley

Last Tuesday, I lost a cherished friend and companion. Tugley was a part of every minute of my day. He was a constant joy and always comical; making every step I made. His very favorite thing to do was nap beside me while I knitted. He knew when I sat down with yarn, it was time for him to get on the sofa too! Tug ran with the grandchildren; because he was one of them. He proudly wore every t-shirt and sweater I put on him. He loved Nacho Doritos and many times we shared a big bag!

Below are some of my favorite pictures of Tug

Tug napping with Alexis. I could tell him Alexis was coming and he would get beside himself with excitement. When we went to pick him up, at six weeks old, he bonded with Alexis on the ride home. After that, Alexis was always special to him.

He preferred Joe take him for his morning walk.

Tug loved napping on plastic bags - this one happens to be full of yarn! I finally had to put it in a box as he kept going back to it. We were packing to move.

Relaxed and warming his backside in front of the fireplace. On a cold day, he would do this repeatedly throughout the day. I was concerned that he would singe his fur.

Tugley wearing his rugby shirt from Old Navy! This was his favorite. He strutted around in this shirt.

Matthew and Tug. This was taken the last time Matthew was here during Easter. When Matthew was about 3 yrs old, he always wanted to bite Tug's tail. We couldn't leave them alone together for even a minute.

Not one but TWO beds and he's thinking someone has his OTHER chew bone.

My favorite picture of Tugley napping.

Another napping picture. He napped quite a lot but if Joe or I got up or moved around; he was up and going with us.

Can't a guy take a bath without having his picture taken?

Tugley added to my life in more ways than I ever imagined. He will always be loved and remembered in my heart.


Wyatt said...
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Twisted Knitter said...

I'm so sorry Debbie! I can tell from the photos what a special little guy he was -- and how much love he brought you all.

Knitman said...

Oh Debbie. I know how you feel. Tugley was gorgeous-I do so like Pugs, we get several of them at show training club.
This is the hardest part of keeping pets to love-we lose them.

However, I believe, due to your love and attention, that his spirit lives on too and you will meet again.

Tootsie Holden said...

Deb, I am so sorry for your loss of Tug. I know how much you both loved each other. He saw you through many a rough times. Was he old enough to have left you so soon?
I'm here finally! keep in touch.
love you very much girlfriend.