Monday, August 11, 2008

Crystal Palace Yarn's New Panda Soy

Finding a box of yarn in your mail box is one of those fabulous joys in a knitter's life! (the walk back from the mail box always includes shrieking and the happy dance with lots of twirls) The box I received was from Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns. It was full of full of Panda Silk, Panda Silk DK, AND.....the brand new, not yet available, Panda Soy sock yarn! Susan has requested a sock pattern in the yarn pictured below. It is called Cocoa Mint #2001. It looks just like chocolate mint ice cream according to my friend Barbara! Experiencing Panda Soy will be an absolute MUST for every sock knitter. Panda Soy is so soft; it glides along my needles like a dream. Even though it is loosely plied as other Crystal Palace Panda yarns; I don't find that to be a negative aspect at all. It seems to make this yarn even softer! The colors in the pics below are not exactly true to the yarn. There is more mint green and less blue in this colorway. I will take more pics as this design project progresses. I have begun to swatch with Panda Soy. Below is a mini sampler of stockinette and garter to see how the colors fall in the knitting. I really like how they look in reverse stockinette but forgot to snap that picture!
One more snapshot for good measure! If you are a MarketStreet DayKnitter; you will be seeing this yarn on Thursdays!

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