Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Knitting

I absolutely love this time of year! It's the Season that I love most. First and foremost, it's Christ's birthday. I love my children and grandchildren's excitement, Christmas trees, Christmas music, the mall at Christmas, the food, baking, parties, wraping presents, giving gifts; but I absolutely LOVE Christmas lights; I want to light EVERYTHING! I wear contacts so at night, especially, there's a little "starburst" effect around all lights. It makes Christmas lights look spectacular! After my divorce, I lived in an apartment (upstairs) for awhile. My bedroom had a large, double window at the foot of my bed that looked out the patio into the parking lot. I strung the large, old fashioned lights around that window. So every night, Tugley and I drifted off to sleep looking at those lights through half-closed eyes. It created such a colorful warm glow, a really magical feeling! (I didn't take them down until mid-January)

On to Knitting -
My current knitting project is - as I think about it, that's about all I can say as it may show up somewhere else at a later date. Up close, (not a sock) sock yarn, cables and beads......

These are the ornaments from Vogue Holiday Issue. I HAD to change them up a teeeensy tiny bit. I like to use a #1 needle with sock yarn so THEN I had to change the CO #...but I LOVE the way they look. The three that are alike are knit from an Online sock yarn from about 3 yrs ago. I wish I had some more of it! I do have a pair of socks knit from it though. The other ornament is an Online sock yarn this year! (see previous picture) I am seriously thinking about knitting Christmas Stockings from this yarn over the coming Summer.

I want to do the small tree in the kitchen area with these next year. Joe said I better get busy.

This is a spectacular amaryllis. I have taken tons of pics of it but the color won't get just right. It's more of a deep garnet red. The center flower is just beginning to open. It's one of the new bulbs for this year. I got it at Smith and Hawken; one of my favorite stores. I can get lost for a couple hours there. This flower is huge (the bulb was huge). There is another flower stalk coming up on the other side.

I am wishing for cooler weather. Jeez, it's December and nearly 80 in Houston. It looks like it could be cold outside, gray and dreary, but it's not! Joe and I went Christmas shopping and walked around Market Street. I had on sandals. Cold weather is on my Christmas wish list... along with a few other things!

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