Monday, December 3, 2007

Getting Back to Normal and Knitting Handwarmers

I think we are finally settled in well enough to have normal days and nights again. Unpacking now consists of getting one box a day from the garage and sorting it out between putting away and throwing away. Joe still has a hard time finding what I have put away. I am sure that will go on for awhile as I decide some things need to be put somewhere else….. Hopefully, we will be able to park at least our car in the garage soon.

We had a great Thanksgiving on Saturday with the kids and grandkids. Joe’s turkey was absolutely GREAT! He bakes a turkey from scratch – he injects seasonings, stuffs it with apples and oranges and bakes it! I am still so impressed every year! It was a cold, rainy day but the SILs kept a fire going; so we stayed cozy. SIL, Q's, wine helped us stay warm too! Kayla and Sophie, first and second graders, added a bit of excitement when they called 911 on Heather’s cell. Kayla told them “there’s a fire in Hawaii”. 911 called back immediately to confirm that we did/did not have a fire along with a stern lecture. Calling 911 is not a laughing matter, but it is entertaining to watch your children be parents as you remember all the stuff they did. I stayed so busy that I forgot to take even one picture.

I knit 3 pairs of handwarmers (before Thanksgiving) to go with birthday presents for Joe’s daughters, Lee, Lynn and Heather. After trying a couple of patterns, I created my own pattern for basic handwarmers in sock yarn using needle size #1 US. Eventually there will be a link here for the pattern, but for now email me thru comments and I will send it to you. Be sure and leave your email address!

Ribbed Handwarmers

Now, I am knitting my own pair of handwarmers. They are going to have a fat little cable down the top of the hand with a scattering of beads. I LOVE this yarn; specifically the colors and the way it stripes. It is ONline Supersocke 100 Holiday Color. The colors that define my "Christmas" are different from these. I think Fiesta! best describes these happy colors, but they do well for Christmas at my house. I am seriously thinking about knitting Christmas stockings for the mantle with this yarn. You can see the beginning of the cable between the two purple markers. I am using a small jingle bell for a BOR marker.

Close up of cable

Today, I baked a chocolate cream pie for DH Joe. I had to take a picture of the meringue. I have never been able to make a good meringue. This one came out damn near perfect! I am so surprised and excited; I took a picture AND wrote down the recipe. I think I made a happy husband too.

This is a sitting area off the kitchen, complete with Pug, where we sit every morning. Joe reads the paper and I knit. We don't have curtains yet; just blinds. That's the small tree with non-breakable ornaments for the grandkids. Jayden was here (and everywhere) in his walker.

One last photo of my handwarmer.

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Eva said...


I love your ribbed gauntlet using sock weight yarn. If you have time could you send me the pattern? I bought some addi's like yours and would like to try it.

Thank you,