Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun Knitting

After finishing 4 design projects, it feels so good to be knitting for my enjoyment only! I have the Ilene bag almost finished; Todd's socks are almost finished and Ryan's socks are ready to start. Then, there's a shawl I started with Noro - couldn't resist the yarn.
We went to Lake Charles for Memorial Day. took Todd's socks to knit on the way. Just needed to decrease and kitchener one toe to be finished with the pair. Forgot my double points (I guess that would be a menopausal moment according to SOME people). I was disappointed as I wanted to give them to him while we were there. Below are a few pictures. Thought I would share. Back to knitting pictures tomorrow.
Matthew in his Indiana Jones hat with whip
Matthew up in a tree. (don't think his Mom knew where he was)
Pam letting Jayden nap in her lap. He was so tired.
(there may be more family pictures next week as Pam, Alexis and Jayden are coming to spend 10 days with us)

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