Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mississippi and Guam Socks are Finished

My socks are on their way to Crystal Palace Yarns via UPS as of yesterday! Woohoo! Today, I am finishing up edits on the written patterns and a short bio. Several pictures of both pair are below. First is the sock for Mississippi. Guam sock pictures follow. (blogger turned some of my pics again)
Leg of Mississippi sock
Heel of Mississippi Sock
Tiny beaded rib of Mississippi sock
Pictures of Guam Socks This pair of socks are siblings but not twins; meaning they are not identical. It is their differences that make them interesting.
The colors are reversed for the socks plus one sock has one more row of edging than the other. I liked them that way so didn't change it. Knitters can do their socks however they want them. Flowers are positioned on the outside of the socks slightly above the ankle. The inside of the socks have small lazy daisy flowers with beaded centers.
Closeup of sock with red flower, orange edging and orange lazy daisy flowers.
Closeup of the sock with the orange flower.
On to the next big thing!


Cherryl said...

I love your socks. My sister (Becky) is also doing socks for this project. Last I knew she was still doing Texas. Good look with this project, I am looking forward to the completed project.

Twisted Knitter said...

These are just amazing - your stitches look so perfect!