Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Project!

I know, I am supposed to be knitting Ryan's socks; it' a big sock and I need a project that's just "knitting" for when I get tired of knitting on a sock. I know you know what I mean. I started this project for tomorrow - Thursday - Market Street DayKnitters knitting. Our knit group is growing and there is usually a lot of conversation going on. (I think a couple of ladies are there JUST for the conversation as opposed to some of us who are there to knit together). I needed something simple to knit with a luscious yarn. I dug in my stash and VIOLA! Manos Silk Blend; and several skeins of it!
I loved this yarn when I saw it; loved everything about it - the color, the feel - it's very soft and it really has no twist. I have been wanting to knit this up for a while. Seems now is the time.
Up Close - great colors! (I think Berroco has a sock yarn Metallic that is just about these same colors. I think I see matching socks in my future)
Just starting - OTN
I am going to knit this pattern. It's a Manos pattern book and I like the look of Newport.
I will be blogging about this for the next couple of weeks. P.S. Loretta we are missing you! Hope you are home soon and back to knitting with us.

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