Monday, February 12, 2007

Adding to My Stash -

Joe and I were in Clear Lake TX this weekend visiting friends Bill and Betty. Joe and Bill golfed; Betty and I went to Twisted Yarns in Old Town Spring and Yarns 2 Ewe in the Heights. We had a great time! In Twisted Yarns, we ran into Debbie W and Sandy - ladies I knit with every Thursday! We are all about 3 hrs from home.

As you can see the Favorite Socks book, sock yarns, sock needles and a new sock knitting bag! Toddler Knits book and the baby sock I made Saturday evening. The wound ball is Colinette's Giotta ribbon yarn in the same colorway one of the Jitterbug sock yarns - Toscana.


KE said...

I found your blog through the Sock Knitting Yahoo list. Thank you for the baby sock pattern!

Can you tell me the name of the yarn closest to your new (beautiful!) sock knitting bag? It looks like Schaefer Anne...I love the color!

KE said...
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