Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clementine Shawl by Joe

The beginning of the Clementine Shawl in the current issue of Interweave Knits


Update on the Clementine Shawlette project. I made it through the first section of the pattern, all 46 rows, without TOO much trouble this time. Then I started on the second part, only 22 rows, but they threw in some extra stuff. There are rows with extra YO’s, k2tog I already knew from prior projects, there are several ssk’s that got me at first. But with instructions from my live-in Knit Master and studying pictures I got it done, or so I thought. When I got to the end of the row with 6 YO’s, one of those slip two knit one pass two over thingies (I actually have that down pat), one ssk and one k2tog, there should have been 29 stitches on the needle, well, there were 30 and as all you good knitters know, the only thing to do is find the mess up tink back and fix it. Ha, I have news for you, there is another way and I am sharing it now as a favor to you guys. You don’t have to tink back, just k2tog on the first two stitches on the next row and lo and behold, you are back to the correct number of stitches and you can’t even see it……..ta da!!! Time saved. Of course I have not told the little lady, she seems to think that is just something good knitters don’t do, so that is our little secret, okay?! Actually, there are several places in the there I had to do that, but so far she hasn’t found them, so I guess it just goes to show that if you are as good at hiding things as I am, then you can fool even the most discerning eye.

The next phase of the pattern takes me out to 69 stitches OTN after 40 more rows, then it goes into a pattern repeat of 4 rows for a total length of 15 inches. That makes half the shawlette. After making the two halves, then I will kitchenered (whatever the hell that means) the two together for the completed piece. So, stay tuned, updates will be forth coming as I proceed.

I was just informed that I need to say that I am knitting this out of Art Yarns Supermerino color 101, don’t know why that is important, but there I have told you, and I might get a nice reward for being a good boy………hea, hea, hea……..

Until next time, knit on……


NancyMaria said...

Well, Joe, you are quite the knitter! I am envious you are sharing a craft with your lovely bride.
My hubby is retired but still shows no interest in my knitting. I'll keep working on him.
Congratulations on your beautiful work!

Knit Witch said...

THAT is hilarious!! Good for you Joe!! My husband too is an avid supporter of my knitting/crocheting - his latest interest is that he wants to learn to spin (now how happy would that make me!!). I did try to teach him to crochet one night but that ended VERY quickly with a string of those "sailor words". I'll keep working on him though. He keeps repeating the montra that "Real Men Knit" so there is hope for him yet!! :) He says when I start teaching classes he wants to be able to help the students too!

He has shot all my knitting videos on my website so he is DEFINITELY helping support my "habit". Looking forward to hearing more about Joe's adventures. Thanks for the laugh - that was great!

~ Brittany
aka Knit Witch

Sandy said...

I was going to attempt the Clementine, but now I'm scared....

Anonymous said...

Joe you need to write a book about your knitting experiences. Very entertaining!