Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Knitting Like Crazy

Even though there was no post last week, I have been knitting like crazy. The baby shower is coming up in less than two weeks and I want to be sure that I have my baby knitting done and it is absolutely perfect! Pictured below are the various projects I am working on:

This sock in Crystal Palace 's new Panda Cotton , #9575 Circus, is my knitting at night while watching TV with Joe. I love this yarn! It is truly like knitting with silk. I am almost to the toe today and anxious to start the second one. I am hearing that Panda Cotton was a HUGE hit at TNNA!

This pair, also in Panda Cotton ,#0432 Strawberries and Limes, is finished except for the kitchenering. I always like to do kitchenering on both socks at the same time. Weird, I know, keeps me from wearing one without the other.

This is the baby set that will be my primary knitted baby gift for the shower. It is almost finished - I am ready to start the ribbing around the neck and down the front. I had knitted a pair of baby socks in this Fixation colorway. When Pam saw them, she said that she would love a little sweater set to match. The problem was that I didn't have enough of the yarn - thank God for Google and the Internet! (I am pretty sure after seeing baby Jaden's feet, that I need to make another pair of socks to match a little bigger) I am hoping to find some really cute little boy baby buttons.

This is a simple little newborn baby boatneck sweater. It is really cute except that the sleeve increases are incredibly ugly. The were Kfb, deciding to follow the pattern exactly for a change, I knit on but I should have used the knit in the stitch below probably. I think you can see them clearly in this picture. So, I am going to remove this sleeve pick up sts around the armhole and knit a seamless sleeve. Seems much easier to do that in the first place. This sweater probably won't make it to the shower. So I will have time to knit a little pair of socks to go with it.

I am ready to be finished with projects and work on some designs of my own that have been on hold.

Joe and I are going to Houston this weekend (I enjoy knitting in the car) He is going to be golfing - I am not sure what I will be doing. If I can swing it, I would love to go to Twisted Yarns in Spring. The hitch in that plan is that I am going to be on the South side of Houston in Clear Lake! (18 holes of golf is plenty of time to drive across Houston and back)


Marly said...

I LOVE that sweater set! I am also totally infatuated with the Panda Cotton socks! LOVE THAT Colorway!

Man...this sounds like a love fest huh?

Good work...


Kim said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS baby items and socks are fabulous. I wondered what Panda looked like knitted...now I must order some for a summer pattern I have. I, too, am knittng baby things for my new great-niece. I have gotten side-tracked by must get back on track. Take care, Kim

Anonymous said...

I love your socks and the baby set. I am busy knitting for a baby right now also. I'd love it if you would share the pattern for the Fixation sweater and hat. What a lucky baby.

Elle said...

Came by via the sock knitters' list. Your baby set is lovely and of course I love the socks. I'm busy knitting for my newest grandchild at the moment so socks are on hold. I don't mind though as things knit up so quickly when they're tiny :)