Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interweave Knits Spring 2007 Search

Day before yesterday, I was reading the post on Socknitters about Grumperina's sock in the new Interweave. I made a mental note to be sure to look at it again; certain that I had overlooked it. Yesterday morning at 6:50AM, almost ready to leave for Houston, I remember the mental note and go to the yarn room to get the Spring Interweave (they are all stored in the same place). I grab the one on the top and put it in my knitting tote with Jaden's baby blanket. Out the door and into the car by 7AM! Wahoo (on time)! Halfway to Houston, I decide to check out the socks. Flipping thru the mag, I realize that I am looking at the Winter 2006 Issue! Bummer. I picked up the wrong magazine and I am now wondering where the Spring issue is. This morning, wanting to look at Grumperina's Socks, I start searching for the Spring 2007 issue. It's not on my yarn table, it's not with the other Interweaves where it should be, it's not on the table by my chair, it's not in the drawer of said table, it's not on the coffee table, it's not in either drawer of the coffee table, it's not in any of my other knitting totes; AND it's not on the computer desk. I am trying to remember ANYTHING from the Spring Issue; I can't. I know I didn't take it to Books A Million for Knit Night Out. As I walk by Joe's chair and look on his end table - THERE IT IS - folded back to the Clementine Shawl! Oh........... now I remember - my husband is knitting from the Spring Interweave 2007. (smiling) Another mental note - copy that chart for him - and get that magazine. We were in Houston yesterday in ALL that rain! Jeez Louise! Joe looked at me on the way home, with that twinkle he gets in his eye and said "you just HAD to come to Houston today, didn't you?" We closed on our house. Now, if it will just stop raining long enough to pour concrete.

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