Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Still Baby Knitting -

First, before OKC, another Easter Bunny. This is the only male bunny that I have. You don't see many bunnies that are boy bunnies, come to think of it. He's sitting on the mantle, probably wondering where the caramel Cadbury Eggs are! So am I.

I can't seem to remain focused on any one thing for very long today. I am trying desperately to daydream about a vacation to the Bahamas with free all you can drink margaritas BUT Pam is having her baby next week instead of the 29th; we are closing on our house tomorrow in Houston; we have to put our house here on the market ready to show and we will be moving to the Houston area in about 4 months. &*%^@#?*! I could use some of Joe's golf words about now! I would like to deal with these things one at a time on a more leisurely basis. I hate moving even when it's a move that I want. I hate packing even more. The only good thing about it is I am really good at it after all those years of practice - good labeling is the key. I have been wandering from room to room today thinking OMG! Joe's going to call Two Cajuns and a Truck to move my new furniture. They are probably very good...........

OKC - The Big Bad Baby Blanket is coming along at a frantic pace. It is almost halfway completed at 17" thanks mostly to knitting in the car AND being stuck in traffic on I10 in Houston for a LONG time while it was closed; yes, closed. We will be on the road again early tomorrow morning. Joe has an alternate scenic route through Port Arthur for our return trip. It is great knitting time. (they say the inside of your purse is a reflection of your state of mind. I think my knitting table is probably a more accurate reflection)
Thought ya'll would enjoy seeing major frogging for the umpteenth time. Joe finally quit asking "are you frogging that again"?! Yes, my husband, I am.

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Anonymous said...

Now I wonder what the rest of the world thinks when they see your reference to Two Cajuns and a Truck!!!