Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Those Ladies are Tough!

Tough Ladies of Knit Night Out

I thought that I was doing so well when I posted that I was coming out of the Yarn Closet. Well, it seems I did not make it all the way out. Debbie’s KNO friends seem to have a different opinion. Everyone has been so very supportive with lots of encouraging posts about my revelation, BUT, it seems I have not completely made it all the way out of the closet. My good friends Gina, Janet, Sandy, and Debbie W. made it very clear to me last week that until I join them in knitting at one of their knit-outs, I have not completely made it out of the Yarn Closet. These ladies are tough. I thought admitting in a very public forum like this that I knitted would be enough, WRONG… it seems I can not fully claim liberation until I KIP! So, do I take the next step in proving I am man enough to step out in public with my skill? I am pondering this. I guess the only reason I have to KIP is to show other guys who may enjoy the craft that it is okay, that real men do knit and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

I do know that a great way to meet women for a single man is to act helpless in a supermarket, to walk a dog or take a small child to a park. A smart man will let the ladies know he can do some sort of handicraft, especially if he knits. Ladies just love a man with “good hands”. So you single men out there, take note, if you do not impress the ladies with your bulging biceps, your 6-pack abs or your amazing wit, you might do well to ask for a lady’s assistance with your knitting, who knows you might get to go play in her yarn basket!!!

One quick note for those of you that are wondering what has happened to my shawl project. I have been sidetracked by more Rita repairs, this time in the yard. I had 7 loads of dirt delivered to fill in all the holes and torn up places in the yard. A friend loaned me the use of his tractor with a front-end loader. I grew up on a tractor, so that was no problem. I have not ever used a front-end loader before, so that was a bit of a challenge. Being the manly man I am, I jumped on the thing and after a round of fits and starts and a whole lot of “sailor” words; I got the hang of it. The dirt has been spread and it actually came out quite well. thank you, so I will be getting back to the shawl for a while, until I get inspired to tackle more of the yard repairs.

I will post a progress report in the coming days, so hang in there and knit on!

Me on the Tractor

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Lynda said...

Hey have to KIP. Just ask the guys that were at Stitches West. There were several guys that were blatantly knitting. Not only that, there is a book out there that is written expressly for men with all kinds of manly-man knit projects. Things like laptop covers.
One of the guys that was knitting was probably 25-30 with an earring. He tried to talk my DH into knitting. For some reason my DH, who happily went with me to the knitting show, looked horrified that someone would suggest that he knit. He stated that that was my ball of yarn.

Happy knitting