Monday, September 17, 2007

Walk Thru in the Morning 9AM

I feel like we are living the movie Groundhog Day! We are gonna make 7 wks in this hotel on Friday. Thankfully, there will be a walk thru in the morning with closing scheduled for Friday. We should begin moving in Saturday - Friday afternoon if possible. Wanting crawfish, we went to dinner last evening at Pappadeaux's on 1960. After eating way too much, we decided to order dessert to go. I wanted cheesecake and Joe wanted banana pudding. No problem with the cheesecake but they were all out of banana pudding. Out of banana pudding on Sunday? The waitress said yes, George Foreman's family had been in and they ate it all! They served them 20+ banana puddings. We just missed seeing all the "Georges". (He named all his kids George, in case you don't know).Joe brought home sweet potato pecan pie. Joe is knitting/designing the cutest hat with cables. I finished upsizing the sock pattern for CPY. I need my computer to finish it now. Jeez! Have I mentioned that this hotel doesn't carry the Astro's games on their TV line up?

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Melzy Knits said...

Yay glad it's almost finally over for you and you can get on with living in the new house!