Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 More Days!

Hopefully. We should do a walk through Monday and sign on the dotted line on Friday. Yippee! I finally figured out how to do mobile blogging. For some reason my posts wouldn't publish - today it did. I can't post pics so we'll catch up on those later. It's a good thing I brought substantial stash. It has been a looong time in a hotel room! You definitely find out if you really like your spouse. I am ready to give Tugley to the first band of gypsies that pass by. He is taking advantage of the walking the dog thing... We have been knitting - sent Jayden 14 bibs. Joe knitted 8 and he was most creative! I knitted 6 and pretty much worked to perfect a pattern I created.Joe is now knitting hats for the grandsons. He hates the Denice needles I brought, so he wants to go to Twisted Yarns tomorrow to get bamboo needles and dps - he is becoming such a knitting Diva! (Joe says he's not a Diva; he's a Deebeaux). His knitting has improved considerably and so has his dialogue. I am working to upsize a lady's sock pattern for Crystal Palace. It is an original design.Glad I have something to work on. Susan from CPY kindly offered to send anything we need. The very FIRST thing I want is my computer plugged in to a live satellite plug...

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