Friday, September 21, 2007

Moving Day!

Today is moving day! Come Hell or Hurricane... It is 9:35AM - we have the Highlander loaded with almost everything from our motel room. Tugley is in the front floorboard at my feet and most he loves to ride in the car. (His Little Chubbiness is determined to sit on my feet) I stuck my Mother's Day orchid in a little cubby hole in the back floorboard. It is blooming for the second time. It is important to have something blooming at home. It has 2 pretty flowers. Having made a Starbucks stop, we are now on our way to the house. It takes about an hour to get there from here. Joe has gotten to be quite the city driver! Jeff from Design Tech is meeting us at 11AM. We are to do another walk thru and get the keys. Joe is meeting AAA Movers at Uncle Bob's Storage and they are moving the furniture this afternoon. I hope to sleep in my bed tonight! I plan to continue to post thru the day today - for friends at home. I have been taking lots of pictures. We bought a tech gizmo thing from Sprint for Internet Service (to try) as our only svc now is Bellsouth. Stay tuned -

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