Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What HAVE I been doing?

After being asked “what have you been doing” by several friends, I stopped to think about that! I must say, we have had guests for 6 weekends in a row including a week-long visit from Alexis; which Joe and I thoroughly enjoyed. Whew! It has been fast and furious with some serious rest days in between. I finish this by saying Kim and Pam with husband and children in tow are coming
for a long 4th of July weekend of fun for everyone!

Knitting? I have been knitting absolutely enjoyable, yet mindless Christmas ornament covers, my Sideways Cardigan from Vogue, the sock I always have OTN or working on a sock design in progress. I must say, the ornament covers have dominated the serious days of rest! On the end table next to me, I placed a large glass jar to put the ornaments in because I LOVE looking at them even when I am not knitting. There are now 11 of them with # 12 joining them in the jar waiting for her cover.

Viewed from the top looking down into the jar -

Side view from my vantage point – ahh - IGK
(instant gratification knitting)

More IGK - my current sock OTN or more precise - OTC (on the circ)

The sock design is completed and I am test knitting the pattern. I went to Twisted Yarns yesterday looking for THE perfect yarn for this design. I wanted it to be the colors of the ocean; blues, greens and a sandy brown AND a very light weight yarn. I chose a beautiful sock yarn, Anne, from Schaeffer Yarn.

Close up of ribbing only to tantalize

The 12” Addi Sock Pattern is completed and will be uploaded to Ravelry ASAP along with the baby sock in sock yarn pattern. Those did take me awhile…….

Last, but certainly the most interesting, I give you the view of the very early morning guests/herd in my back yard when I opened the blinds -

There were 15 wild hogs grazing on Joe's grass! I knew they were around but had never seen them in MY yard. Joe said they needed to get out of the yard. Maybe so, but who's going to make them? Not me! What next? I am watching for the coyotes - I know they are out here too! Luckily, they don't eat grass.

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