Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Knitting to Classic Favorites

When home alone, I have classical music on. I especially like to knit to classical music. As I sat and knit this morning, I had this image, in vivid color, of Bugs Bunny being chased by Elmer Fudd going full speed in my head. I have known for some time that most of the older cartoons, the ones I loved to watch, were set to classical music. It played in the background going unnoticed for the most part except in the subconscious mind. The cartoon creators of those days, to their credit and genius, gave children their/our first taste of classical music. I am truly forever grateful to them!

When slightly or greatly distressed, I always go to classical music. It creates a tranquility and clarity of mind that I can't find anywhere else. Along with that clarity, are images of Bugs and Daffy which make me smile.

My "talk and knit" completed projects are pictured below. IGK - instant gratification knitting in sock yarn, from top clockwise - Online Savanne, Online Lime Green, and Socks That Rock which photos a lot prettier than it actually is IMHO (from last year). I use leftover sock yarns to knit ornament covers.

I am working on a sock design in 3 different yarns. I want to see which yarn displays the design at its best. It is a design with lots of yarn overs which is perfect for the 12" Addi. I dropped a stitch this morning and had to tink back 3 rows before I could get the stitches back to what they were supposed to be. I am also knitting garter in the round making them extremely tedious if not damned near impossible to pick up. No pics of the design tho!

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