Friday, February 27, 2009

50 Socks - 50 States - Guam

This is the sock for Guam. I am using Crystal Palace Panda Silk in the tone on tone greens. This was my knitting yesterday at Market Street DayKnitters. It is really pretty. I am hoping when finished, that this will look like foliage. The picture below is the heel flap.
Here you can see the ribbing and how the colors are swirling about. I knit a pair of socks in this yarn in the orange tones last year and sent them to CPY. I would love to knit a pair for ME this year for the Fall and Halloween. The orange tone on tone is gorgeous. (have no idea why Blogger turned this pic sideways, but it did)
Mississippi and Mochi proved to be a bit more difficult in starting. I LOVE the Mochi but the stitch pattern I want to use is a drop stitch. Mochi is a tiny bit fuzzy and the stitches didn't want to drop as I wanted them to. After a quick run to Twisted Yarns, I came home with Panda Soy in shades of blue. Below you can see the stitch pattern, but it's not the yarn I am going to use.
The top skein is the Mochi and the two bottom ones are the Panda Soy. I like the way the Mochi stripes best BUT.........
Just for fun, below is a pic of a Begonia leaf. Isn't it beautiful? On a tour of Brookwood Community and after visiting their gift shop, I came home with this plant and several others.
This is the bloom for the begonia pictured above.
I found the cutest little Easter Box today. I filled it with plants and set it on the coffee table to enjoy this weekend. The plants are also from Brookwood.
Have a great weekend. Tonight is margaritas at the Blue Iguana for Joe and I.


LizzieK8 said...

Did I miss something? When was Guam made a state? EMWTK!

Embellishknits said...

Hi LizzieK8

To Quote Dr Laura "i wanted to have both Puerto Rico and Guam as representative of US and territories.
my dh was in the navy and stationed in guam"

So, Guam didn't sneak in on us!

Good to hear from you!