Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mississippi Sock Design

Feeling a bit ambivalent about the Guam Sock design, I decided to start Mississippi. This design is pretty easy now that I have settled on a yarn. I had originally wanted to knit this design in Mini Mochi. Mochi has a tiny bit of fuzziness that didn't work out well. After a trip to LYS, I am knitting the design in Panda Soy. Below shows about 3/4 inch of 2 X 2 ribbing. I have placed a marker after every 6th stitch to help keep up with the pattern that repeats every 6 stitches. A tiny little crystal cube is my BOR marker. Yes, I am knitting this sock on an Addi 12" circular.
This stitch pattern works up with quite a few wraps. It is a fun knit once you get the rhythm going! You can see the wraps in the first section below.
Panda Soy is a glorious yarn to knit with. It is working up perfectly for the Mississippi design. It's a good feeling when design and yarn come together the way you envision.

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