Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crystal Palace Yarn Arrives!

There is NOTHING like getting yarn in the mail! (well, maybe a couple of things, but we aren't discussing that here) A box stuffed full of yarn is just so exciting. These are the yarns I chose to work up my designs for Mississippi and Guam. All of the yarns are Panda Silk except for the Mini Mochi which is gorgeous shades of striping blue. Bright tropical colors longing to be socks that we can wear way down here in the South!
Below is a closeup of the Mini Mochi. It feels absolutely lucious.
Of course, the minute you get yarn in the mail; life has a way of demanding your undivided attention so that you can't sit right down get started. I am going to Lake Charles to watch Alexis cheer her last game at her junior high school. I wouldn't miss it for the world, but now I have yarn angst.

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