Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mississippi Sock

I really do like the wave stitch pattern and have wanted to knit it into a sock. In theory, it should have knitted up perfect like the seafoam stitch for Galvez. BUT, it didn't! It "blouses" out as you knit. I have knitted, knitted and reknitted this sock! Below was my last try with a different yarn; the third yarn tried if you are keeping count. It's Panda Silk which shows more stitch definition and looks good but still is not right. It made a large sock on 60 sts. So I went back to the Panda Soy.
This is a closeup of Panda Soy knitted in wave stitch. It's a great little stitch pattern and fun to knit.
This picture, although not a great shot for actual color of yarn, shows the pattern well.
This shot shows the pattern flowing onto the top of the foot down to the toe.
Okay, full shot of the Mississippi Sock almost complete. I have been toying with a small beaded edge along the ribbing. Summer socks need a little sparkle.
The Guam sock is coming along very well. This is truly my kind of sock with bright colors and beads! I am working on the first one now. Should have some pictures to put up soon.

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