Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guam Socks - Embellishing in Progress

To say I have been knitting like someone crazily obsessed is an understatement! I am proud to say the knitting is finished! At this point, I am working on the embellishment of the Guam socks. I thought I would post the process. For me, it is probably craziness at it's best! Actually, this is the FUN part - the creative part. I want these socks to be floral and very colorful yet something anyone can easily achieve. I want something "out of the box" for these socks. A look for socks that I haven't seen before. First, let me say that my intention with this sock was intarsia in the round but I became concerned about not having enough time to complete the socks since I have never done intarsia in the round. It would have been a learning process for me. (it is on my shortlist though) So, the next best thing would be the charted design in duplicate stitch. I have found that I really don't like duplicate stitch that much. I need a tiny embroidery hoop to make my stitches neater. I have been to two different craft stores looking for that damned little hoop. I had to settle for one last evening; I hope it works the way I want it to! While waiting to find the hoop, I wondered about satin stitching some flowers on the sock. Below is the result of some quick little satin stitches. Pretty neat, actually. Still going to do the duplicate stitch to see which I like best. It may turn out to be some combination of both. There is also a planned edging around the large flower. I hope the picture in my head translates well onto the sock! The socks are going to have different colored edging on the ribbing. One has two rows of that edging and the other has one row. I am leaning toward the one row. Already tried beading the edging and didn't care for it. This is about the 4th edging I have tried; deciding I like the simpler edging best since the socks will have flowers on them. I really like the little lazy daisy flowers hoping to scatter a few of those with a bead in the center.
Just playing around waiting to find a little hoop that will fit inside my sock.
I love these beads! They are glass and square. Not to mention the EXACT colors of my yarn. Hoping they wind up on the socks somewhere.
Don't know why Blogger turned these pictures sideways. Jeez.
I love the simplicity of this little lazy daisy flower!
Today, I will be in the yard with Joe. It is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday or Sunday. He has our raised veggie garden ready to plant. (he does the work and I get to do the fun part) I have a flat of red verbenas and a flat of marigold to plant. The marigold go between the tomatoes and bell pepper plants to help keep the bugs off of them. Bugs don't like the smell of marigolds. Boy, I do! I had forgotten what tomato plants smell like! Nothing like it in the whole world! One of those simple pleasures in life. I will be posting gardening pictures along with knitting thru the Summer.

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Gina Mouton said...


Those socks are BEAUTIFUL, I love them, you did a great job.

Gina Lee