Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Working on Guam

I have been playing with the embellishment of Guam for several days now. I like the way it looks this morning; so I am going to make the other sock match but reversing the colors. The flower is located just above the ankle facing out on the sock. It does look very similar to what I had envisioned this sock to be. I have stayed very simple with any crocheted embellishment so that even a beginner crocheter could achieve the same results. A simple crocheted edging can give any knitted piece a look of additional refinement. IMHO.
This photo shows the center of the flower and the daisy stitch with beaded centers up close.
Another closeup of edging and flower.
I am hoping to finish the embellishment of the second sock today so that I can block them. I want to take them to Market Street DayKnitters tomorrow. Then, in the mail on Friday! Woohoo!

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