Wednesday, May 2, 2007

1st Sock Dilemma

I sat down after lunch to kitchener the toes of both the socks so that I can mail them to Crystal Palace tomorrow.
Upon inspection, I see that I have some knits that should be purls! How could I have missed these while I was working on this sock?! I am certain you can see them. At this point, you ask yourself the question "can I live with it?" I can't send this sock out with obvious misknits in it! By this time, Joe is looking at me incredulously as I slip the needles out of the top of the sock and begin to FROG...

Looking at the positives of this situation, I like the way frogged yarn looks AND I can fix this! I have frogged back to where I started the toe decreases leaving a row or two.

This extra row or so, gives me enough room to pick up the stitches and get them seated properly on the right needle.

Continuing on - this is quite tedious but it beats the heck out of frogging all the way down to the mistakes and then reknitting half the sock!

There are 5 stitches total that I have to undo down to and then work them back up the ladder. Once you are past the initial aggravation of the whole thing, it's pretty cool to realize that you CAN do this little maneuver.

These two are not so far down - almost a piece of cake.

These three little darlings are a looong way down - to the beginning of the gussets to be exact.

I thought you would enjoy a close up........

I have finished all the laddering down and laddering back up! Finally....
I am ready to kitchener now instead of an evening of reknitting a nearly completed sock.

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