Thursday, May 10, 2007

Maizy Sock Completed

I have had the hardest time getting a nice pic of this sock for some reason. I have tried taking the picture in 3 different rooms (you know, different lighting in different rooms). Couldn't have been the person taking the picture........

This is the Maizy sock yarn from Crystal Palace. . I tried to get some detail of the sock as it is really cute.

A liiiiiiiiitle blurry; but it shows the twists running diagonal in the leg of the sock and also the baby mock cables along the sides of the heel flap. (those were fun!)

The cuff at the top can be left up or folded down. I envisioned this sock being worn with hiking books. I think it's the colors - it's called Night Shades. The final pictures are pretty close to the actual colors. On to another sock.

Tomorrow, Joe and I are going with Kim and Kayla on Kayla's school field trip to the Houston Zoo! I LOVE THE ZOO! Joe and I have never been to the Zoo together. It's going to be fun watching Kayla too - she is such a little tart! She is sooo expressive - I think she exhibits "pissed off" best.

After the Zoo, we are going to drive out to the house-in-progress. They are framing in now. Then, Kim and I are going to try and talk Joe into having mexican food for dinner - Lupe Tortillas. You know, two against one. The last two times we have been to Houston, we ate at Fajita Jacks. He's been really good about that. Pictures will be up on the blog Saturday morning.


Sharon said...

Nice colors in this sock. The last picture really shows off the details.

Tammy said...

I love the pattern & I think your pictures look great. Is the pattern available?


Knitman said...

Oh now I really like that. Fantastic colourway.