Saturday, May 12, 2007

House Construction Has Begun

Wow! They have been busy! It was exciting to see they had made such progress since we were there last. There were 10 (yes, we counted) construction workers hard at work.

Joe and I left home at 5:45AM yesterday morning and got home at 9:00PM last night. We always seem to cram as much into a day as we possibly can. We had a great time at the zoo! The weather was absolutely perfect for strolling around watching all the kids watching the animals. The drive out to the house was a nap time for Kim and Kayla. We walked around a bit then headed to The Woodlands to eat dinner at Tortugas (Turtle) before starting home. Kim and I had a margarita with our enchiladas and got the giggles.

Zoo pictures to follow soon.

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