Saturday, May 5, 2007

Maizy from Crystal Palace

This is a quick shot of a current design in progress with Maizy (available Fall 2007) from Crystal Palace. Maizy is a new corn yarn! It feels so soft; very suede-like making it an enjoyable yarn to knit with. Surprisingly, it is very light with a bit of "springy-ness" to it. This makes a great sock yarn; but will knit up many other things equally well. I am using CPY bamboo needles #1.5 dps making a nice knitted fabric. This shot looks like a lot of blue; it's not real accurate to the color - it has a nice amount of browns also. This colorway reminded me instantly of a Ralph Lauren Fall ad from last year. I am sure it has influenced the design.

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Yarn Thing said...

I love those colors! You always do such nice work!