Friday, February 1, 2008

I've Had a Bug

I have had the weirdest bug; it has made me dizzy - really dizzy. I thought I had vertigo but a girlfriend said her husband had the same thing and she knew others who had it too! I never thought about it being a bug cause it's a strange one. No other symptoms unless you want to count the nausea from the room whirling...

I am still working on Kim' s handwarmers. The first one was going to be loose on her hand. So, I knitted the second one making some adjustments so it would be a bit smaller. This is it below. Then, I frogged the first one down to the ribbing and put it back on the circular. I have started knitting it again to be the same as the second one. She said I could put just a few beads along the cuff. I haven't got to those yet. Every time I tried to focus to knit; I would get dizzy. I know, it has been very aggravating.

Night before last we came home about 8pm. (Joe was dragging me around Houston while I was feeling sooo dizzy) As we turned the corner, there were 6 deer in our front yard eating the rye grass that he planted! They bounded across the street into the woods. The back of our house is all windows so we can see out into the yard. We haven't been seeing the deer because they have been in the front yard!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, Hope you are feeling much better soon.