Sunday, February 10, 2008

Noro Socks Started

Finally, I am starting socks with the Noro Kureyon sock yarn. I have really been looking forward to this because the colors are so much fun to work with. This is colorway #S185. I noticed immediately that this yarn feels stiff and almost sticky with NO stretch at all; it sticks to itself almost like spider webbing. I know this must be a sizing on the yarn. Once you begin to knit and it passes through your hands; it softens. It knits like a dream with color transitions that are spectacular and completely addictive; I don't want to put it down. That's why we love Noro yarns. In total honesty, the yarns themselves are only so- so. We all have favorite yarns that are better quality but they can't compete with the Noro colors. Noro is just kinda scratchy. I will let you know how it feels after washing as I will wash it ASAP.

I have rolled the Noro into a ball and it has looked fabulous sitting about waiting to be knit.

I had a hard time deciding what pattern to use for my socks. I knew that a pattern, for me, would get lost in the colors; but I didn't want to just knit 2 X 2 ribbing and go into a sock foot. I searched through my stitch books looking for something fairly simple since I had knit group coming up Saturday (yesterday). I found the mock cable and thought it looked nice having a bit of vertical interest and a nifty little stitch maneuver to keep boredom from setting in.

I had no idea how fast this would knit up! I am amazed! I had the ribbing completed and started the mock cable stitch pattern Saturday morning before leaving for Sit and Knit at Panera's. As you can see, it has progressed quickly with 6 inches of cuff before starting the heel flap. I have several pictures here - sadly, the colors are not quite true. The top of this sock is deep purple, going into a lavender, then an army green, paler green, and into a burgundy brown beginning to show on the heel flap. As I watched this sock grow, I really liked the way the stitch pattern looked. So, I went and got my notebook to take notes as I knit. This sock began with a CO of 72 stitches because of the lack of stretch in the yarn. I am getting 9 sts to an inch on 2.5mm needles.

I am really enjoying knitting with this yarn. I think it would make great handwarmers, hats, scarves, and baby things.

I have elected to work the heel flap over 40 stitches (that's 4 more sts than I would normally use meaning almost half an inch larger) so I could keep the mock cable running down each side of the heel flap. Once I get the heel completed and try it on, I will decide if it is too large) I have done this before on a previous design and like the way it looks. You can kind of see the mock cable here at the edge of the heel flap.

This pattern will be written up using a CO of 64 (72, 84, 96). Not all the heel flaps will incorporate the mock cable down the sides of the heel flap.

Shhhhh..... My SIL, Todd, has a birthday coming up in about a month. I was told he wants another pair of handknit socks. If I thought he would like these colors, I would give him these. Kim picked out some sock yarn for him when they were here. They are definitely more sedate.

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