Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Noro

I have been working on the Noro sock along with a couple other knitting projects. The colors changing are absolutely addictive! I am pleased with this picture. Although the colors are not absolutely true; they are well represented. The stickiness of the yarn that I mentioned previously actually has a plus. It keeps dropped stitches from running! They pretty much stay right where they are!

I have turned the sock onto it's side to try and photograph the little mock cable going down the sides of the heel flap. This adds just a bit of detail if you wear shoes that have no back as many of us do these days. You can see it fairly well from this view. The cables are going to continue down the top of the foot to the toes. In this photo, the colors look washed out. In reality, they are rich, jeweled tones.

Along with this sock, I have been working on an entrelac project. Once you get your head into the pattern, it is a fun knit. That project is also in Noro yarn - Silk Garden.

I have started SIL, Todd's, socks; twice actually. The first sock yarn just didn't look like Todd. So, I chose another yarn and started again. I think he will like this yarn better. His bday is mid-March so I have awhile but wanted to get started and have it finished in time to put it into the mail, if necessary. I don't usually have this many projects going at one time! It makes it seem like you never get anything completed.

We are watching the weather closely this afternoon. Our area has a potential for a severe weather outbreak late this evening. The weather channel has put a meteorologist in College Station; sorta half way between here and Dallas, I guess. I am wondering where Jim Cantori is! He is always in the middle of the worst weather! We have put the car in the garage and secured everything on the front and back porches. It is getting pretty windy outside! I am going to go watch the Weather Channel and knit on a sock; Joe is watching golf.

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