Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Bit of Halloween Fun This Morning

We have a new baby in our extended family! Manny and Jennifer have a new son - Landon Cole! He is so handsome; just like his brothers. Yes, for all of you who are counting, Alexis now has 5 brothers! Whoa! I have been knitting a few of the Perfect Baby Bibs (in Fixation) to go into Cole's gift box. This morning, as I sat tucking in the yarn ends while enjoying a large mug of Snickernut coffee, I saw fun Halloween potential. Looking at the purple and orange bibs, I knew they needed spiders and pumpkins. I realized that with a little black yarn and some outline stitching, these would be so cute! After Halloween, Jennifer can snip the yarn , pull out the outline stitches and still use the bibs. Having already made a Target shopping trip for cute baby stuff; his box is ready to go! I have included a Halloween Onsie and matching socks - really cute!
These were so simple and quick. A little free-style embroidery and viola!
A close up of the Pumpkin face so you can see how simple these stitches are. You also get a good look at the Fixation that is slightly variegated.
I tried to upload the close up pics of the purple bib but Blogger kept turning them sideways. I finally gave up. You can view them in my Ravelry notebook in the Perfect Baby Bib pattern. I am going there next to upload the pictures.


Yarndipity said...

so cute, Deb!

Gina said...


Any baby and mom would love these!

Miss you,
Gina Lee