Saturday, September 12, 2009

In the Garden at Dusk

When we moved into our house, we had an acre of yard that had been bulldozed. After nearly a year of construction, the yard had become very overgrown. It was pretty awful. Weeds were shoulder high hiding, at times, the local wild life in the yard. The second night we were here, I walked out onto the porch late at night. It was, and still is, beyond dark since there are no street lights. Hearing heavy breathing nearby, I realized there was a large animal very close. Screaming and running into the house, Joe informed me I had scared the hell out of a deer. It has been two years this month, since we moved in. Joe and I have worked in the yard Spring, Summer and Fall of both years. There is still so much yet to be done. It is amazing how an acre can soak up several hundred dollars in plants leaving you wondering where it all went. Kim and Todd, with their children, visited a couple of weeks ago. Grandson, Matthew, paid us a great compliment not knowing it would mean so much. While sitting on the back porch early one morning, he told his Dad how much he enjoyed being outside here as it was so pretty. I am going to show a tiny bit of our yard. On the right/east side of our back porch, the morning sun welcomes whoever is sitting out there having coffee by shining blindingly into their face. So, Joe put up a trellis and we planted Moon Vine early in Spring. The Moon Vine has covered the trellis and has been thinned out twice! Next year, we are going to try Morning Glory Vine and decide which we like best.
This is Coral Impatiens planted in the flower bed that the trellis is grounded in. They are beautiful. Keep in mind, I am taking these pictures in deep dusk one evening.
This is our Moon Vine trellis at dusk. Moon Vine blooms in the late evening. The large white flowers are gorgeous and fragrant making it most enjoyable to sit on the porch in the evenings (if it isn't still sweltering hot).
Multiple flowers on the vine are truly beautiful but you must come out in the evening to see them!
Moon Vine flowers - a close up view.
Yard work is almost as gratifying as knitting. There's a whole lot less sweating with knitting.

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