Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Can't I Just Knit From a Pattern

This past Thursday at Market Street DayKnitters, our knit group, I started a simple shawl in Fiesta's Starburst La Boheme (Aster 22107). I have had 3 skeins of this yarn stashed since 2006 thinking I would find something I would like to knit with it. With no new flash of inspiration coming, I started Fiesta's Fabulous Shawl pattern, to have something beautiful to knit on Thursdays where there is too much conversation and fun going on to focus on much of anything at all. It's a good thing Borders serves coffee and tea instead of margaritas or we would be kicked out! After seeing how beautifully La Boheme knits up, that flash of inspiration hit me between the eyes and I have frogged the shawl. After sketching out a shape of an idea, I have cast on and started again. I will still be knitting and probably frogging, at times, the pattern in my head and scribbled on paper as I knit along. Isn't this absolutely gorgeous?
It knits up light as a cloud but yet holds the shape of each stitch beautifully. I want to be wrapped up in this yarn. Therefore, the inspiration.

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