Monday, September 21, 2009

Breaking for a Shrug

Alexis is going to her FIRST Homecoming in October. She has her dress; it is a beautiful garnet red satin with spaghetti straps. Deciding to use silver as an accent; she and her Mom have put together a beautiful ensemble. I think she may need a little something for her shoulders. So, taking a break from my serious knitting, I am going to knit up a quick shrug. I just happened to have some Crystal Palace Yarn Soiree in silver stashed (imagine that). It is truly gorgeous and even more so when knitted. It knits up very soft even though it has a metallic thread running through it. It is truly like liquid silver; so much so, that you should contain it as you knit as it falls away from itself. Seriously.
Initially, I tried the Love Knot Stitch but it looked very ornate; too much I think for a teenager. So I tried for something simpler. This is just a knotted stitch that opens up when it's stretched a bit.
You can get a better look at it here. There is garter stitch at each sleeve edging which will be above the elbow making a nice evening shrug.
I will post a finished shrug picture later.

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