Friday, November 5, 2010

Crystal Palace Yarn's New Sausalito

Crystal Palace Yarns is debuting a new yarn, Sausalito, in the Spring of 2012. Susan emailed and asked if I would work up a new sock pattern, using Sausalito, for their website. Of course, I would! It is an exciting opportunity to design with a yarn that is brand, spanking new! She said samples are arriving, and she would send some to me. The yarn arrived a couple of days ago. (I LOVE getting yarn in the mail) Sausalito is truly gorgeous and as soft as silk!
80% merino and 20% nylon
198 yds/181m
50 grams
2 - 5 US needles
This is colorway 8117
shades of taupe and light blue
This is colorway 8107
russets, navy, greens with some plum
I have started swatching with this one on a size US #1. It is swatching beautifully; the colors are really blending together as I knit. You can get a good idea of the actual size of this yarn from my thumbnail in this photo. (yep, I am still wearing Halloween polish - hoping to change out this afternoon before we go to dinner)
You will want to be watching for Sausalito at your LYS next Spring. It is a sock yarn but as everyone knows, we are knitting EVERYTHING with sock yarn. Posts of my progress with Sausalito will be forthcoming.

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