Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, Monday

Monday isn't ever my favorite day of the seven days in a week.  After a full weekend of TexMex dining, Greek belly -dancing (Loretta and I did the tradition circle dance NOT the belly-dancing) at The Olive Oil and NFL Football Sunday; here I sit trying hard to remember if I took my antihistamine when I got up. This morning, after the time change, Joe was up before 4AM and so was I.  Getting up that early, I never feel like I am at my best.  A nap is probably on the agenda for later.....

The Christmas red and white stripe sweater is finished.  I am pleased with the way it has turned out; resisting the urge to add a bit of crocheted lace around the collar.  I know there will be other Christmas sweaters in the next few weeks.

Bella is currently taking her morning nap.  This is the best I can do until she is ready to play.

I have started some gift knitting (and I am leaving it at that).  To get in the mood, I got out my Christmas knitting basket and put my current "knit" (as Kayla says) in it.  It helps me to be "in the Season" and persevere with the knitting to be done.  The projects are the Cable Footies in Oneskein.  I have one pair completed; and two more to go.  If you have knit them, you know they go very fast.   Hope to be finished with these by the weekend. 

Christmas Knitting Basket

completed pair
with no hints of who they belong to!

Pair in progress

The neat thing about this VERY sock is that it is the FIRST time EVER, after years of knitting socks on a small circular, that I have not used double points at the heel and gussets.  No, not at all!  I was watching the news this morning and had knit the heel, turned the heel, and started picking up gusset stitches before I realized that the dps were not in my hands.  Probably had a lot to do with getting up so darn early.  Bazinga!  (don't you just love Sheldon?)  HI Matthew!

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