Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Joe was home for the last five days. We worked on our Christmas shopping for grandchildren and decorating our home for Christmas.  Our goal is to have all grandchildren shopping done before Thanksgiving and we are well on our way.  I didn't really think we would manage it but we have 11 completed with 4 to go! 

Since some of our kids and grandkids come for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas, we are always decorated for Christmas at Thanksgiving (confusing?).  It takes us (me) several days!  This year, I decided to start mid-November so there wouldn't be the big rush right before Thanksgiving.  It feels really good to be "ahead" instead of running "behind" and trying to catch up. Joe has misplaced some lights that are important to the front of the house.  We are still looking........ (I probably put them somewhere special so I would be able to find them)

We are going to be babysitting Audrey (Audie Doodle) for the week before Thanksgiving while her Mom and Dad are out of town.  Audie is four years old, cute as a button and a handful!  I have been stocking up on crafty things for us to do together - making bead bracelets, ornaments and some baking.  We are looking forward to spending time with her.  I hear she already has her bag packed.   I promise to post some pics of Audie Doodle.

My Knit - I finished both pair of Cabled Footies that I was working on.  This is the same pair; pictures taken at different times with different lighting.  The pic on the right is closer to the actual color of Jade.

Closeup detail

Blocked and ready to go

Agean Pair unblocked
 I posted the last pair showing what they look like unblocked.  Blocking makes a huge difference in looking "finished".  You know, the difference between handmade and homemade.  It is important to block knitted items especially when they are a gift.  The presentation is so much better looking, don't you think?

The "Fun Knitting"

I started another sweater for Bella in a red yarn with sparkle.  It is Red Heart Shimmer in red #1929.  It is acrylic but I saw a display swatch and it was really pretty knitted.  It has been fun to knit a little red sparkly sweater that is very soft! 

Beginning first sleeve
 You can actually see the sparkles - I didn't think they would show up! 

Collar Detail
This looks like a sleeve cuff!  It is the turtleneck for the sweater.  Red is Bella's color!

Serious knitting - I have to finish up Jayden's Wallaby.  It is finished except for kitchenering the hoodie and tucking away the loose ends.   Not much to do but needs to be done.  He will be here next Wednesday!

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