Friday, November 12, 2010

Bella's Birthday!

Today is Bella's First Birthday!  In honor of her day, I am posting pictures of her.  Bella was my Christmas present last year from Joe.  She was born on November 12th, 3 days after my birthday.  We took her home a couple of days after Christmas.  We visited her several times while she was still with her brothers and sisters

 Her first picture @ 3 days old
We had to choose our puppy on the spot as they were all sold before they were born

Side view

Wearing her first knitted sweater

Same day - Joe is holding her

At home under our Christmas Tree

She has grown into her first knitted sweater

She loves her nap
Valentine's Day
T-shirt X-small

Getting into her toy box
Her shirt says "if you are looking for trouble, you found it"

Her second Vet visit - Hiding her face
Sporting her knitted Hooded Jacket

Can't imagine our days without Miss B


Gigi said...

Ms Bella has more clothes than I do!! She is so cute.
I know you have enjoyed her and I've enjoyed reading your post about her.


Darline said...

She is so precious in her cute sweaters. One of them looks like a pair of socks I made for myself.
If I knitted a sweater for our teenage ADHD dog, he would rip it off and play with it!