Sunday, April 1, 2007

Joe's Knittin' Adventures

The Demise of the Clementine Shawlette

The groan of agony heard lately was me doing the unthinkable…….pulling out the shawlette, yep, the whole thing. After much soul searching and a lot of prodding and coaching from the resident knit master, I decided the only right thing to do was pull it out. You see there were a few (actually a bunch) of bugger-ups in the darn thing and as any self respecting knitter knows, you can’t just leave them (one of the draw backs of living with a pro). It was one of the hardest things I have done to date as a knitter, but it is done and I recovered. One of the things that helped was Debbie said it would look much better in a solid color so the pattern would show better, and as usual she is right. Plus I got a big ole kiss on the head for doing the right thing. I was hoping for a little better “reward”, but she said she didn’t reward for something that minor, so I took her to Texas the next day, that always works ……….woo hoo……… Okay, the shawlette is on hold for now; but will be started again at a later date.

Do not despair; I have been knitting (how did this start becoming a habit?). I made two bibs for the new little guy, Jayden. The first one he will have to wait a while to use - at least a year. The pattern called for a 25 cast on, well that just didn’t look like it was going to be anywhere big enough to do any good. Dude here decides to cast on 40 sts. I guess the people that make up patterns know what they are doing cause after a couple of rows it became very obvious that the darn thing was going to be way to big for an infant. Being undaunted; I finished it then did another one with the correct cast on. So little knothead got himself two bibs from Poppy instead of just one. I also made him two knitted foam filled blocks. Each one has a different yarn color and pattern; plus, each one is knitted using different stitch patterns. I used them to practice the patterns, so when I get ready I will have better skills to tackle the more difficult designs. No fear! (My DW forgot to take pictures of my knitted gifts before sending them home with the new little guy! :O( She promised to snap them when she goes to visit next week).

Currently, I am working on the Knit Wits' Pixie Hat for my granddaughter, Gabby for her birthday June 1st. She will get the hat with a pair of gauntlets to match. They are in her favorite color; lime green with some fuzzy fur around the face. The fur will be added to the gauntlets so they will match the hat. So far, it has not been too bad. Knitting with two yarns at the same time was a first, especially since one had all the fuzzy hairs, but I got it on with not too much trouble as in a minimum of the sailor talk. And I have only had to get Debbie to fix some “things” no more than 4 or 5 times, so all in all things are going well.

That’s it for now; the finished project will be posted at some time in the future.
Until next time,

Knit On………Joe

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