Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sock Report

I started this sock on Tuesday getting about a good inch of ribbing done.

Yesterday, I went to tend to/rock Jayden (still on a 2 hr feeding schedule) so Pam could take a much needed nap. That 2 hr schedule is rough on parents. By the time you feed and diaper the baby and he is back to sleep, you have about 45 minutes until it's time to get another bottle ready. Joe and I had a business mtg last night and didn't get home until after 9PM. So, no knitting yesterday.

This evening I was able to work on the sock some. I am abiding by the "Gina Rule" especially since I am feeling tired. (the rule states no knitting after 9PM; otherwise there is major tinking the next morning) So, I am finished for the evening.

Tomorrow, after the gym, I have promised Joe to work in the yard with him. I have gardenias to replace the ones that Rita blew away and I want to get the patio back to where we will enjoy sitting out there in the afternoon.

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