Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Turbo Knitting a Sock

Here we are.... This is Ann Norling's Adult Socks II Pattern. I need to knit 2 socks, from different yarns, by this pattern and get it back to Crystal Palace by June 1st. (not mentioning the other sock from a yet to be debuted yarn) I believe that I am up for the challenge.

Close up of the pebble rib; one of the ribs used in the pattern. I cast on this afternoon late (7pm) and this is all I have gotten done between talking to Joe and watching the Astros - about 1 inch of ribbing. (9pm) I hope to do better tomorrow. My plan is to get up a bit earlier than usual and knit for a couple of hours before my day actually begins. Lately, my days seem to be busier than I would like. We made a pitcher of margaritas; so I am putting the knitting down for the night.

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